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I made a decision that could give me all the possibilities and make my family’s life great. But how can I provide for my family and achieve all the dreams I want to fulfill?

I decided to take a chance and became a ItWorks Distributor! At first I was skeptical and didn’t believe the hype but as I continued to see more and more SAHM like me having successful outcomes I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you I have enjoyed every minute from sign up to finish!

The perks are true

Ok there’s a 99$ fee but it gives you so much access to expand. By having the brand behind your name it opens up a world of opportunity.

I took the chance to give my family what they deserve. A life of happiness and worry free! As a distributor it is my duty to give you quality product with the benefits of also gaining profit along the way!

I want to inspire more SAHM/Dads that we can benefit from staying at home.

If you don’t believe me here’s a video of a true story: ItWorks Success


With this new start on this new opportunity you could earn a $5,000 bonus within your first month of signing up!!

Here’s a chart on possible earnings:

Its a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is goal driven to do. I am getting paid for what I love to do and that’s be with my family ALL DAY LONG !!!

You can also become a loyal customer and purchase the ItWorks product whenever its convenient for you! Agree to buy 1 product for a month for 3 months!!!

Upon ordering your product the order will be shipped straight to you!!! That’s the wonderful thing about this company.

If you’re down for the movement visit: ItThat Crazy Wrap Thing

If it didn’t work why is it still around?

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A Mothers Day Special

So this past weekend we celebrated the day that means a lot to most of us…Mother’s Day!

So for the blogging challenge we were given the prompt:

We would definitely like everyday to be Mothers Day. A day where we get to be ultimately spoiled and not get any lip about it but for now we will just settle for the given day.

My Day

This was my 3rd Mother’s Day with my family and it’s always wonderful. I shared it with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. It’s been kind of a tradition and it’s a enjoyable one!

First I woke up to my babies telling me “Happy Mommy’s Day” it was the best thing ever because my oldest who is 3 wasn’t able to tell me last year because he couldn’t really talk. My heart melted immediately!!

Instagram: Sabrinabarks

After we did our photo shoot we headed to El Vaquero where we were greeted with a rose! Y’all don’t understand how special I felt, even though EVERYONE got one, it still made me happy!

Then, my mother-in-law treated us to a mani/pedi date. Just the girls. I don’t remember the last time I was able to go get my nails and feet done. That was my favorite part of the day because I actually got to do something I wanted to do!

I’m A Mom

I absolutely love who I am and I love what I do. If it were not for my kiddos, I would not have this title, Mother.

Even if you don’t have kids of your own and you are some type of figure to someone else’s child(ren) yesterday was your day too!

What it means to me

Everyday to me is Mother’s Day but on the exact day it’s the moments we share.

Any holiday that brings us together is always amazing because that’s where the best memories are made!

Being a mother gives me purpose in life and seeing your child(ren) smiling faces amidst the celebration is the icing on the cake.

My Special Ladies

I haven’t got to spend Mother’s Day with my mommy for some years now, but when I was younger I always made sure to make her something. I made her things for every occasion and she kept them all. That’s what meant the most to me as a child.

I just want her to know if it wasn’t for her I would not be here. I would not be who I am today. She’s my best friend! I can talk to her about anything. She’s always one call away from when I need her. She’s my foundation and I love her so much!

My mother-in-law also holds a space in my heart. She birthed my amazing husband and for that I am truly thankful. She took me in with open arms. She’s the most sweetest person I’ve ever met but she is definitely about her business! I love that she’s always there when we need her. I love her to the max and I’m blessed to have her in my life.

Mother’s Day is special to everyone in their own way. Whether it’s memories, celebration, or remembering the moms we lost, it’s always SPECIAL!

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day as much as I did!

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On A Mission

It’s day 8 of the blogging challenge and the prompt I chose is:

What do you gain from your writing?

While it’s a simple question, it has a lot of meaning and purpose for its answer.

The Source

My writing stemmed from the moment I published my first book. It was 5th grade and I was taking creative writing! My 5th grade teacher Mrs. Jordan made writing important in my life. It came so naturally, any topic she gave us I could write about. She made it really fun and she embraced every form of creativity.

My published book was called “The Lonely Face in the Mirror” it was about a girl who didn’t know who she was or how she fit in. Towards the end her friends help her discover herself and happily ever after she lives.

Writing has always brought me happiness, it’s how I’m able to escape my thoughts. Writing them down makes my mind clear from all negativity. I’ve had multiple journals all filled to capacity with thoughts, ideas, rhymes, and stories! I thank my 5th grade teacher for giving me the opportunity of learning what it takes to be great.

My Reason

Writing is my way of expressing my feelings. I would much rather write a 40 page paper than to talk for 2 hours while trying to gather thoughts on the subject.

It’s always been my go to. Growing up I felt I had no one to talk to even though I did I felt they wouldn’t understand. I mean no one wants to be judged for feeling the way they feel. When you feel like anything you say will be shut down, you tend to shut down along with it.

I write because it’s what I love to do. It’s just something about words when you read them. It’s gives you a look into that person’s life without you ever meeting them. You can feel what a person is going through when they write because you can also see it. Words are powerful!

My Mission

I am looking to uplift any one willing to read my blogs. I want people to know that there are numerous ways of expression and that each and everyone of them is okay to express.

I’m looking to gain a positive experience in people’s lives. I want to encourage everyone in the writing community, to continue to write!!

Enjoy what you love!


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SAHM Dilemma

Ok, so I’ve been a SAHM (Stay-at-home-mom) for 3 years now. I really enjoy being there for my kids everyday and all day. It’s a wonderful experience but it takes A LOT of patience. I mean a lot.

First Off

You have to prepare yourself to be alone all day with your little one. You’re probably like that’s easy… well it definitely is but as time goes on you will start to feel drained and alone.

You will start to feel like you are doing all the work and you will feel unnoticed. Your emotions will get the best of you.

Physically and Mentally prepare yourself.

You will definitely have to keep yourself busy. I know you’re like what do you mean keep myself busy? Well, aside from doing the a thousand things you gotta to do, you also have to find your me time or down time of the day. Your “hobby” as they call it. Whatever your hobby will be commit to it 100%.

Reverting back to your younger years

You will start realizing that your communication with others…well let’s say you forget all former grammar. I think that is why most successful sahmoms out there are writers. Pardon me if I’m wrong.

I personally do not know how to hold a conversation anymore. I’m usually repeating things over and over. My brain is constantly on “mom” function. Since my kids are 3 and 1 I’m either saying yes or no a thousand times…or repeating my 1 years olds “da da da” a thousand times.

Now when I try to hold a conversation immediate scatter brain. You start to feel that only your kids and your husband will only understand you. If you were never the social type anyway you are perfectly normal!


There’s a lot of adjusting when you become a SAHM.

  • You don’t completely disconnect from society but sometimes you do end up being a ghost. I mean this by saying, you start to feel comfortable and no one will hear from you for a good while aside from family that you see every once in a while. We all know how hard it is to keep track of everyone but try to keep important people close. You’ll definitely need them in the long run
  • You have to adjust to having your kid(s) 24/7. There’s no break what so ever, not a long enough one anyways. You will be around your kid(s) all day and everyday! Your sanity will reach a boiling point. That’s why having a hobby is important! Commit to it.
  • Feeling alone is another issue that come with SAHM. It’s definitely not for everyone, if you’re the type that likes to go out EVERYDAY, you need to re-evaluate your choice for staying home. You can plan to go out with your child(ren) but the inevitable behavior they may project while you’re out will send you into a meltdown of anxiety!
  • Use your time wisely. Sometimes it may feel like eternity when you’re alone with your kid(s) and that your spouse may never come home. It feels like that your first go around being a SAHM. When you start adjusting to the circumstances, that’s when your hobbies go into play. Find a game to play, clean house, go outside for a little while, clean house, take kid(s) to a park, work on hobby, clean house, cook, and lastly clean house. You’re always busy no matter what.

SAHM Wonders

If you’re given the option to be a SAHM, try it out. It definitely eases your mind from the outside world. To only have your kid(s) drive you crazy everyday is a blessing. You only have to worry about- what time will your spouse get home and when you should get dinner started.

It’s given me the chance to raise my boys the way I want them to be raised. They’re not influenced by anything or anyone else yet. It’s also given me the option to homeschool, which I’ve thought about but we can get into that next time! My husband and I are stronger than ever. He’s my provider and I am his shelter. He comes home to me and I look forward to it everyday. I believe being a SAHM strengthened my relationship…it has build trust, communication, and loyalty. I have given my 100% and my husband has also and we both know that our jobs aren’t easy. We work together and it has been great ever since. I love that man soooooo much!!!

Plus, with being a SAHM you get to choose how everything and everyone plays a role in your family’s life. You start to see who’s actually there for you. You get to experience the growth of your child(ren) and also YOURSELF!

It always takes time.

It takes time to get the feeling of being alone out of your mind because you basically are. You feel trapped and that no one is there for you.

I’m telling you to stay positive!

Set goals that you want to achieve.

Such as:

  • Getting a new house
  • Earning another type of income; work from home
  • Going to school
  • Creating a blog, vlog, or any other project

Always look for opportunities to build your future. You will have the time to think and you will have plenty of it. All the ideas that come in your head act upon it because it may get you to where you want to be! Everything takes time, and if you dream it, then believe it, you can achieve it.


I say this because that’s all you have to do. Relax your mind for the most part. It’s a crazy world and your kid(s) are better off in your care. Not many mothers out there get this wonderful opportunity!! It definitely has its days but we are strong people. Look for the bright side in everything that you do, only consider the negatives.

I’ve enjoyed my stay at home experience…I’m looking forward for a bright future for my kids!

Embrace yourself SAHM! It’s not just a dilemma, it’s also the greatest blessing!

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Day 4 of the 31 Days of May Blogging Challenge. I chose the prompt Believe.

Believe; to accept something as true, genuine, or real.

We all believe in something. Whether it’s in faith, a person, or a goal. When you believe that everything is possible there are endless possibilities!

Believing in something such as:

  • Getting a job
  • Graduating
  • Starting a career
  • Marriage
  • Kids
  • Dreams

You can believe in anything you put your mind to.

When God put Jesus on this earth he believed in him that he would live his life sin free and die to save us from our sins.

John 14:1 – Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.

Without beliefs where would you be?

Would you be where you are today if you didn’t believe in yourself?

My Beliefs

  1. I believe in myself each and everyday because i believe that through Christ all thing are possible. He gives me the strength to go about my day no matter how difficult it may get.
  2. I believe that success is in my future and that I know one day I will be living the life I’ve always wanted.
  3. I believe that my blogs will serve a purpose in someone’s life.
  4. I believe that I fulfill my duties as a mother to my sons and that they will grow into very respectful young men.
  5. I believe that my marriage with my husband will bring me great reward by loving him each and everyday. We will spend eternity together as one! I really love that man.

Just Believe

  • No matter what it is we all believe in something. With the right mind and positivity beliefs become reality.

Believing is Endless!



Burn out.

One day I was looking at the stars with my best friend in a meadow, near Hathachee creek. We were just talking about how the world wasn’t so big after all. The meadow was our favorite spot, it was where we got to be free. Free from the criticism that was given to us every day for being out of the ordinary. The meadow comforted our sorrows and eased our pain. See we were hurt, and we had no one but each other. The meadow offered its location to us and only us. We traveled to its location every night just to look at the stars. Crazy right? Well it gets better.

It was a Friday night and as usual we made our way to the meadow. Only this time the location was different. It was strange but we trusted the meadow and we proceeded on. The meadow took us to Adeluna Forest. We had been to Adeluna Forest only once in our life. It was very strange for us to return knowing the things that happened in that forest.

Traveling to Adeluna forest was treacherous, it was definitely a difficult journey to make. Making it by sun up was nearly impossible but the meadow instructed us to make it before burn out. Burn out is the reason why we were so unhappy. It destroys everything in its path causing grief and unsatisfaction. We started our journey immediately, knowing that we had to save the only thing we loved, the meadow.

The journey took all of our strength to endure. Not only was the terrain a tedious task it also provided life draining obstacles that made it impossible to reach the meadow in time. As we were about to give up a star appeared. It literally fell in front of us! Have you ever seen a star up close? It’s definitely a must see! The star came from the meadow it broke in half and offered its power. It made us whole again. It gave us hope to continue our journey. Burn out was close and definitely furious than ever. The intensity grew immensely, we had to hurry.

We each grabbed a star piece to take back to the meadow. We had one more obstacle to conquer, time was quickly coming to an end. We had to take the leap of Galinpour it was a 30 ft drop into a clear water pit. We were so tired and the heat from burn out was weighing in on us. A light illuminated from our hands, the star was glowing, meaning we were very close to the meadow. We took each other’s hand and took the jump. We fell for what seemed eternity, our hands never disconnected.

So how about these names? They’re great right?

As we neared the bottom we braced for impact…because falling 30 ft into a hole and falling into some water could hurt! That wasn’t the case as we came in contact with the crystal clear water, it was like we started floating. The water cushioned the blow of our heightful fall, it wrapped us in warmth. The star glowed its brightest, the meadow was definitely here. We swam our way out of the water and proceeded to the meadow. The star intensified its brightness and the heat grew unbearable. The meadow felt us drawing near and made us stop. The star quit glowing. The meadow then created a fortress of trees around us. Its numerous flowers brushed against our hand guiding us to our spot in the meadow.

We were told to put the star piece back together and that we needed to hold it together. As the star pieces started coming together again burn out arrived! It was here to take the star and destroy the meadow. The meadow enforced its barrier, which allowed more time for the star to recover from its broken state. Burn out grew with rage, the fire was immense. Finally the star healed, its brightness illuminated the meadow. All the flowers in the field danced! We held the star up to the sky, it started to vibrate vigorously. The meadow ,weakened by burn out, managed to gather enough strength to ascend the star back into place. The star shot up in the sky, as it ascended to its journey the light intensified. The meadow was completely illuminated by the stars bright essence. We had been through this before but it was the one time that we were in Adeluna forest. You see it was where we were born, from a star that fell from the meadow. I was the first born. I was very lonely when I first got here and the meadow provided me a star. That’s how I got my best friend. We left the meadow and told it that we were going to be normal. The meadow allowed us but told us we had to come back every night. We kept the meadows word and every night we returned.

The star finally reached beyond the atmosphere, it became the brightest star in the sky. Burn out became burned out, it needed the star to complete its destruction. The meadow although drained and scarred, kept us safe. The star left behind a friend, it was a little girl. Born from a star? How bizarre. The meadow made our sadness disappear, it filled our void and we no longer felt abnormal.

We laid in the meadow.

There was peace and reassurance. We had a star and with that star we raised her. She grew up with the meadow in her heart. Always remembering how she was born and how the meadow saved her life!

Burn out was no more.

The meadow saved our happiness.

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It’s A Challenge!

Today is the start of a challenge that I have taken from a fellow blogger. It is called 31 Days of May Blogging challenge. I was given 3 prompts to choose from and from those 3 I chose to blog about my goals and what do I want out of life.

For more about the challenge feel free to check out Ariel King Mama of Kings blog for more details.

What I am striving for

My ultimate goal is to succeed past all expectations! I have a lot of dreams and I want to make it a goal to achieve them all. I want my children to be set for the rest of their lives. I am definitely building towards the future.

I’m looking to help people with my blogs because so many people have similar experiences and they don’t even know. Sometimes you’re left feeling alone, and the point for my blogs is that you are not alone! There are circumstances we all come across that hinders our future plans and I just explain how I adjusted in those certain circumstances because I’ve been through similar situations.

What do you want out of life?

I want to live my life to the fullest and leave an impact for future generations to come. I want my life to be full of smiles, happiness, shares, and love. I want my children to know that no matter how hard life gets that they will always have their parents behind them. That they can take on anything the world throws at them and be successful in anything they put they’re minds and heart to.

Jace Carter; 3

Nolan Reid; 1

Tomorrow is never promised but I will live everyday like it’s my last. I will continue to entertain and create for my children and I will continue to build towards the future with my husband. I’m looking at a lot from life and so far it’s been very rewarding for me.

If you enjoyed my blog, let me know in the comments. Also, feel free to let me know what some of your goals are and participate in the movement!